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STEM Education with Aquaponics

FarmHub is a new way for teachers to give their students the power and potential of growing healthy food. The system will provide important skills that can be used in future careers, including farming and gardening. Educators know how powerful hands-on learning can be so this opportunity should not go unnoticed!

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Empowering Students with Aquaponic Technology

Enhance the teaching of core STEM subjects with cloud aquaponic intelligence. Keep your students learning while at home.

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Equip Your Students

Give your students the tools and information they need to become powerful and informed aquaponic growers.
  • Have them design their own systems and SOPs
  • Give them access to crop, fish and disease research
  • Monitor and assess their activity
  • Teach them how to monitor their metrics
Alerts, Tasks, Activities

Features that Drive Wonder

You’re already leading next-gen farming and food production, let us help enhance your curriculum and STEM program.

Research Library

Get access to essential and valuable industry-level research for fish, diseases, and crops.

Intelligent Dashboards

View all of your important data in one place. Clear and informative charts give you a real-time view of your aquaponic system.

Record Anything

Your logs drive insight into your system. From recording pH levels to a daily note, track key metrics and daily activities.


Create your schedule and then forget it. We’ll make sure you know what you need to do each day. A simple checklist will ensure everything gets completed.

Data Driven Insights

As you collect your data you'll receive insights that unlock the potential in your system and also prevent serious issues from happening.

Collaborative Workspace

Invite your team members to collaborate on your project. Your team will have access to the latest data and insights; increasing the visibility into your system.

Centralized Information

Toss the old notebooks, forget illegible handwriting, and gain the automatic charts and tools to maximize your understanding of what is happening in your aquaponic system.

Unlimited Projects

Aquaponics is addicting. You can create multiple projects and as your projects multiply we’ll ensure you stay organized as you grow.

Simple and straight-forward pricing.

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