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The Power of Aquaponics

Harnessing Earth’s natural biosphere for your growing superpowers

Fish & Plants

Aquaponics is a symbiotic relationship between hydroponics and aquaculture. Hydroponics has excelled at growing massive amounts of greens in smaller spaces and with a more controlled environment. Aquaculture, through their usage of fish farming, has provided a base for converting fish food into valuable, nutrient-rich water. When we combine these two we begin to harness this powerful closed-loop system, replicating earth's ecosystems, from which fish and plants flourish. The fish digest the fish food and break down the nutrients for the plants. The plants, in return, absorb these nutrients and waste and return the water to the fish.


One of the major advantages of Aquaponics over other forms of agriculture is the harnessing of an ecosystem. This ecosystem is a byproduct of Earth's complex and beneficial growth and evolution over long periods of time. We are just now beginning to understand the vast number of ways an ecosystem delivers nutrients to plants, and we trust this ecosystem to produce the premium crops our customers desire.


An aquaponics system is essentially a continual watering and nutrient delivery system within a protected environment. This means that the yield will be much higher than a traditional farm. Aquaponics will produce between 10-30x a normal farm using the same space. Because it is an ecosystem, we cannot use pesticides, harmful fertilizers, additives, and that means that this product is 100% organic and natural. A high-yield product that is organic and natural will have a much higher price tag in the marketplace.


The beauty of Aquaponics is its ability to fit within small home systems, container farms, and even function as a large commercial farm spanning several acres. It fits to your scale.


When harnessing an ecosystem we also get the benefit of complex immune systems that come built-in with nature. Aquaponics systems are naturally more resilient to diseases, deficiencies, fluctuations, and will also inherently handle these issues should they arise.

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